Technology & Quality

Air Conditioners are cold industrial products. We at Phoebus wish that our highquality air conditioners are able to create a happy atmosphere for each family around the world and make them believe in our products. We also hope that our products can bring comfort as well as the utmost cooling for which an air conditioner is required.

Phoebus Air Conditioning Pvt. Ltd. has been involved in the manufacturing of ACs since the year 2012.With its vast experience of supply chain and the design specialist, Phoebus is now coming up with a full range of residential and commercial air conditioners.

Due to its quality accessory suppliers, strict quality control system, professional sales team and technical team, Phoebus has become one of the outstanding air conditioner suppliers in India. Both the units of Phoebus together have the capacity to produce 500,000 air conditioners annually.

We at Phoebus are further planning to expand our horizons by exporting our air conditioners to various parts of the world. India is now the upcoming manufacturing hub after China and the international buyers have more reliability on Indian manufactured products. Hence, the export from India has great upcoming potential.

“Let's make life better" by welcoming Phoebus into your homes.”