Company Profile

Phoebus Air Conditioning Pvt. Ltd. is one of the foremost OEMs in the field of air conditioning products associated with multinationals as well as renowned Indian brands since 2012. Our company is well known to the industry for having vast hands-on experience in the field of manufacturing. We have been accepting challenges and delivering phenomenal results in regards of cost, quality products within the time frame required by our valuable customers.

Our company's diversified status originates from its corporate strategy aimed at creating multiple drivers of growth anchored on its time tested core competencies: unmatched quality of products, timing with effective supply chain management and acknowledged service skills in our group. We can do beyond what others do in similar place, time and resources to satisfy our customer's aspirations.

"Phoebus believes that its mission to create enduring value for the principal or customer is the driving force in sustaining its growing organizational value” The Company fulfills the cooling requirements of a large number of corporate, commercial as well as residential customers.

The Company has manufacturing facilities at SIDCUL, Haridwar, Uttarakhand which use modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure that the products have consistent quality and reliability. The Company has a manufacturing unit, with the mainstay of product development and R & D being energy-efficiency, coupled with eco-friendly and sustainable products. Phoebus Air Conditioning Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide variety of stylish, contemporary and energy-efficient room air conditioners for both residential as well as commercial applications; manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of commercial air conditioning products.

Values & Technology

Continuousinnovation is the soul of Phoebus’s corporate culture. We are a team of best in class design specialization strivingto innovate keeping the customer in mind. We believe in benefits to technology advancement to the common man. credible design work we are created with in patent on.

Phoebus has long attached significance to innovation in satisfying the demands of consumers and realizing win-win performance between Phoebus and clients. We believe in the technology advancement for the common man.

Branding Strategy
Phoebus’s branding strategy aims at positioning the company as a customer conscious local brand in“Hybrid Air Conditioning” fiercely competitive domestic market segment.